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SociaLight: Pat Ricard Dishes In Reddit AMA


This week we hosted an "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit featuring Pat Ricard and he dished on everything from his favorite pizza toppings to who he'd let date his sister.

Here are the key takeaways:

Fans Really Wanted to Know If He Actually Weighs His Listed 300 Pounds

  • YES! my whole life I have been a lean person. So I look like I'm 25 pounds lighter than my actual weight. Since I have been on the Ravens, my weight has fluctuated from 295-310. I'm usually right around 300 these days.
  • YES, I'm really 300 pounds.

What's the Locker Room Like When A Teammate Gets Traded?

  • We all know it's a business, and it's out of our control. We are all brothers in the NFL and especially in our locker room. We are sad when people leave, but we are proud and excited for them to get another opportunity!

Who Would He Let Date His Sister?

  • I would let Chris Wormley (even though he just got traded to the Steelers) date my sister [Chris is already married, by the way]. He is a brother to me, and is a GREAT person. The one I would DEFINITELY not let date my sister would have to be Ronnie Stanley (sorry Ronnie). 😂

Life as a Two-Way Player

  • I have to watch double the film of course. It's a lot on my own, and then meeting with coaches extra either before or after the day. I probably watch the most film on the team besides a few guys, because I have to play on all 3 phases of the ball. I love to study the game, so I enjoy every min of it. This is my life in the NFL, it's all I know!

His Game Day Routine/Superstitions

  • My only superstition is I do the same things the same way every time. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Favorite Pizza Toppings

  • I'm simple: pepperoni and mushrooms.

The Biggest Athletic Freak

  • I mean besides me of course 😏 I would have to say Lamar hands down. The way he moves his body and has control is UNREAL. He can take 3 cuts in open field before I can even take one! In training camp when I'm on defense, I just run in a straight line towards him and tag the air!! There's NO way I'm letting him make a fool out of me 😂

Funniest Teammate

  • Justin Tucker, Mark Ingram, Brandon Williams, Matt Judon

Pat Loves the Ravens Flock

  • I love playing in Baltimore with fans like you! Big reason why I signed a 2-year extension in December ♥️
  • Thank you to everyone who asked me questions. Thank you to the Ravens for the opportunity to interact with fans. Till next time, Project Pat out 🎤

Pat answered questions for two hours! Check out the rest of the AMA here.

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