Steve Bisciotti Sees A Calmer Joe Flacco


Joe Cooler?

That's what Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti sees in his fifth-year quarterback.

Both national and local pundits have gushed about Joe Flacco's demeanor and command of the offense. It's difficult to put a finger on exactly what it is, but Flacco just seems different.

The owner sees it too.

"I see a calmness about him," Bisciotti said in an interview with Tuesday.

"People say, 'Calm? He's always been calm.' But I'm seeing a different Joe Flacco out there. I'm really excited about him and his ability to lead this offense. So I think we can expect good things."

Quarterbacks Coach Jim Caldwell has seen changes too, even in just the limited time he's spent with Flacco since arriving in Baltimore in January.

"I think he's maybe more open now than he's ever been," Caldwell said. "He's comfortable with where he is, comfortable in his own skin. I think that's a big plus playing that position."

Flacco said he is having a lot of fun this camp because the Ravens have a lot of young players, such as third-year tight ends Dennis Pitta and Ed Dickson, second-year quarterback Tyrod Taylor, second-year wide receivers Torrey Smith, Tandon Doss and LaQuan Williams and a host of rookie wideouts.

Showcasing his lighter side, Flacco whizzed a pass over reporters' heads Tuesday at the request of his fellow quarterbacks who thought it would be funny. Flacco willingly obliged, getting a good scare out of a few scribes.

But in typical fashion, Flacco downplayed the notion that he feels more comfortable.

"I don't know, I'm somebody that always feels pretty comfortable, or is looking to feel comfortable and doing all the things I can to do it," Flacco said.

"It's just a very comfortable environment that we create around here, and I think that's why we've been able to be successful, and I think this year, more so than ever, we have a lot of guys on the team that are easy to be around. And I think that definitely helps your mindset and stuff like that when you're at training camp."

Another aspect that makes Flacco feel comfortable is Caldwell, a calming presence just like Flacco.

Flacco said the two have developed an open line of communication that allows him to have input into the offense, including play calling and the order of progressions.

Flacco said Caldwell's main task is to make sure he's at ease with everything the offense is doing, and that has been accomplished thus far.

"Jim's just big on communication and he wants to get it right," Flacco said. "Jim's a great guy. You can tell if you talk to him for two seconds. It's a very easy relationship and it will be a lot of fun this year as we go through the season, win a lot of games and continue to have that communication and get better."

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