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Steve Bisciotti Sets Record Straight On Gary Kubiak Hiring


There was a report that Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti essentially forced Head Coach John Harbaugh to hire Offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak.

On Monday, Bisciotti got his chance to tell his side of the story, and vehemently denied the report.

"You can't ever set the record straight if there's people basically questioning your honesty," he began. "My job is to councel John and give him advice."

Bisciotti said he was in Florida golfing when Harbaugh called him and revealed that Kubiak could be a candidate. Prior to that, the team was under the impression that Kubiak was thinking about sitting out a year due to his health problems and trying to get a head coaching job in 2015.

After he was hired, Kubiak confirmed that he thought taking a year off, but decided he wanted to get back into coaching, even if it meant being a coordinator again.

Bisciotti wasn't even aware of Kubiak being a possibility until Harbaugh called and told him that Kubiak was flying to Baltimore, where he had dinner with Harbaugh at his home. Harbaugh discovered Kubiak's interest through his own conversations with now Quarterbacks Coach Rick Dennison.

So it's clear that once Harbaugh found out Kubiak was interested, the head coach took immediate action to bring him on board.

"I was in Florida and John called me about that development, said that Gary had agreed to fly in the next day, and 24 hours later he was being announced as the coordinator," said Bisciotti, who joked that he remembers having a rough day of golf that day.

"That can show you my involvement."

It's not the first time it's been reported that Bisciotti essentially ruled with an iron fist in making a critical decision. And it's another reported Bisciotti denied.

"The same person that reported that I forced [Harbaugh] to fire Cam Cameron decides that I'm the same person that decides that I am in charge of forcing him to hire Gary Kubiak," Bisciotti said.

"People can believe what they want to believe, but it kind of goes against everything that I've ever believed in from a tutorial management standpoint that is to give good council, give them good advice and let them make decisions. I still haven't talked to Gary. I haven't welcomed him aboard. I guess I will in May when I see him."

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