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Steve Smith Already Eager For Steelers Rivalry


It didn't take long for Steve Smith Sr.'s competitive fire to show itself in Baltimore.

The wide receiver is known for his intensity and that's been clear on the practice field. He even got into a shoving match with cornerback Lardarius Webb on the final day of last month's minicamp.

So what will happen when Smith faces off against AFC North rival Pittsburgh Steelers for the first time as a member of the Ravens?

"When we play the Pittsburgh Steelers, [former Carolina teammate] Mike Mitchell is not going to come up and say, 'Hey Steve, I've got this great chocolate-chip cookie recipe,' and I walk up [and say], 'I've got a great brownie recipe," Smith said Wednesday.

"No. If I go across the middle, he's going to try and hit me. We're not on the same team anymore, so I'm going to try and knock his block off, too. And when I get up, I'm going to spin [the football], go back to the huddle, and do it again."

That competitive fire is part the reason the Ravens jumped at the chance to sign Smith after he was cut by the Carolina Panthers this offseason. He's been praised by new teammates and coaches for his attitude, which should be evident throughout training camp.

"He's definitely going to be competitive," outside linebacker Terrell Suggs said. "He got into a fight the last day of minicamp. He's still fired up about it. We get another defensive guy playing offense when Steve comes over.

"It's great to have him on our team."

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