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Steve Smith On Mike Mitchell: He's Not On My Level


The bad blood between Steelers safety Mike Mitchell and Ravens receiver Steve Smith Sr. hasn't gotten improved over the last year.

Smith put Mitchell on his "lifetime hit list" after last year's Week 4 victory over the Steelers, and the two of them got into it again during Baltimore's 21-14 victory Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium.

Mitchell found his way to Baltimore's sideline after an onside kick attempt late in the fourth quarter that sealed the game in the Ravens' favor. He and Smith exchanged words before several teammates stepped in the middle of the fray.

After the game, Smith had some words for his former Carolina Panthers teammate. 

When asked if playing against Mitchell helped inspire him, Smith responded: "Have you ever tried to build a house with a screwdriver?"

A reporter answered, "That's almost impossible," and Smith quipped, "Until the cabinets come."

Smith then elaborated on what he meant to a group of reporters.

"I am a foundation builder. He is a cabinet. That is the PG version," Smith said. "Any time I mention his name, it just increases who he is. He is not much. He was a teammate of mine, but at the end of the day, I'm a Baltimore Raven and I have done a lot of things in this league.

"He ain't on my level. He never will be. He is not even on the same level as my kids. So I am not even going to concern myself with him until the cabinets come in."

Playing in his first game back from an ankle injury, Smith finished the game with four catches for 47 yards. He also got the better of Mitchell on his biggest play of the game. He shrugged off a tackling attempt from Mitchell with a stiff arm and picked up 30 yards on his first play of the game.

Smith was also quick to point out that his teammate Mike Wallace had a nice stiff-arm on Mitchell to free him for his 95-yard score.

"That was awesome," Smith said. "I think he stiff-armed the same dude that I stiff-armed for a 30-yarder. That carpenter."

The battle between Smith and Mitchell also extended to social media, where they each took shots at each other. 

Mitchell put up this message before the game with the caption, "A lot of talk. Today's the day we find out! #LurkGang #IAmTheHunter #IAmTheHitman."

Smith sure seemed like he had caught wind of that post before Sunday's game, and he got the final word on social media after Baltimore's victory.

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