Steve Smith Points Finger At Himself For Lowest Output Yet


Steve Smith Sr. hasn't proven to just the Carolina Panthers that the 35-year-old receiver can still play.

He's shown the entire league. And it seems Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano was paying attention.

Following Smith's huge two-touchdown, 139-yard performance against the Panthers last week, Smith got extra attention from Indianapolis' defense on Sunday.

That contributed to Smith's lowest output of the season yet, as he caught five passes for 34 yards after averaging over 100 yards per contest through the first four games.

"They rolled to me a little bit. They made sure, at times, to try to take me out of the game," Smith said.

"But I didn't help myself when opportunities came to make plays. Whether they rolled coverage or not, I've got to make plays. It's not about what they did. It's more about what I did not do."

Smith posted 25 catches for 429 yards and three touchdowns in the first quarter of the regular season.

The Ravens' other wide receivers have yet to emerge around him. Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones have both been limited. Smith has just 11 catches for 176 yards and Jones has four for 50 yards.

Opponents could continue to focus on Smith Sr. and make the other receivers beat them.

Smith Sr. in large part carried the receivers through the first quarter, but he won't have his best game every Sunday.

He fumbled on the Ravens' first offensive play from scrimmage, negating early momentum gained by the defense from a fourth-down stop.

"It was a flat-out fumble," Smith said. "However you want to word it, it's a fumble. Inexcusable. You just can't make those mistakes."

Smith Sr. also had a third-and-3 pass fall incomplete on the first play of the fourth quarter. Top Colts cornerback Vontae Davis made a nice play and knocked the ball away after Smith got his hands on it. That led to another too frequent punt.

"I think I can point the finger at myself. I didn't play well," Smith said.

"We've got to go in on Tuesday, be honest with ourselves and look at the mistakes, raise your hand when you make a mistake. I know I made a few. I just wasn't good enough, personally, so I've got to go back at it next week and be better."

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