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Sunday Mini-Camp Transcript

Head Coach John Harbaugh
Opening statement:"All right, that concludes our mandatory mini-camp. Obviously, we're pretty pleased with what happened. We got a lot done, had some fun out there today with the two-minute drill and the 'move the ball' stuff. I thought our guys did a really good job of working to compete, get better, and still taking care of one another – staying off the ground and all that. So, it was good."

On if he gave the veterans the day off today:"We did the 30-plus [years] day today. So, kind of like we do in training camp, a lot of times we'll go two [practice days] back-to-back and then give them the third day off, and that's what we did today. Although, I noticed Matt Birk decided to [practice]. He's not 30 today, he's 29 today."

On the absence of T Jared Gaither:"Jared had migraines, so he just couldn't go. He tried, he took the medication early, but it didn't clear up quick enough."

On if G Ben Grubbs is working back from an ankle injury:"Yeah, Ben had ankle surgery early on. I don't know the extent or the exact details of it, but he's actually probably ahead of schedule right now. He's moving around OK."

On the status of TE L.J. Smith:"L.J. had an issue with his groin. He had sports hernia surgery a couple of years ago in Philly, and something had to be tweaked in there with that. So, he saw Dr. [William] Meyers in Philadelphia maybe two weeks ago, and he should be ready for the OTAs. We're hopeful that he'll be ready for the OTAs."

On if the team is where he wants it to be with conditioning:"Yeah, I think our team's in very good shape. To practice the way we practice, five practices, two and a half days in a row and not have too many issues is a good sign."

On if he doesn't expect to not see some of the players until training camp, the next mandatory practice time:"We want everybody here every day. We want every guy here every day – that's what we're pushing for. Now, guys will have issues where they won't be able to be here every day, but I think you'll see most of the guys… I know that all the guys will make the effort to be here every day, and we'll be pretty close."

On if WR Kelley Washington made a good impression:"Kelley did well. Kelley is a big, strong receiver, obviously made a couple of catches out here today. Ozzie [Newsome] and I, we haven't talked about any of that yet, but he did well."

On him coaching during special teams:"I couldn't help myself. Kickoff coverage, you know? It was fun. The one nice thing about being a head coach is whether you know anything about that area or not, you're allowed to coach it. (Laughing) They don't say too much to you. We had fun."

On if there's a chance the Ravens will sign at least one of the tryout guys:"I don't know. There's a chance we could sign all three. We said that before. I would say that, to be fair, we would like to sign at least one guy. But it depends on their situation, what else they have going. It's just hard to predict right now. But, we liked all three guys."

On if LB/DE Paul Kruger showed a lot of his motor and athleticism this weekend:"Sure, all the things that we knew about Paul, he showed. He has a big motor. We had to call him off the quarterback a couple of times here, in shorts. And there's a lot for him to learn. He plays a little high in the pass drop stuff that we do, and in our zone pressure packages he's got a lot to learn. But, it was a big plus. All the rookies, I think, did well. Michael Oher played left and right tackle, took a ton of reps out here today with Jared out today. Even a young guy like Joe Reitz being out there today, he did well. Lardarius [Webb] was disappointing a little bit with the [muscle] pull, but before he had the pull he looked really good. Davon [Drew] looked good. He made some catches throughout the course of the weekend. [Cedric] Peerman looked good today, saw a little burst. So those guys all did a nice job."

On what he saw from WR Marcus Smith:"You have to say that Marcus Smith has gotten a lot better throughout the course of the season last year. You saw it the last four or five weeks last year, and Cam [Cameron] responded with some more playing time for him. And then he made a bunch of catches in this camp. Hard work pays off. He's done really well."

On if he knew why the quarterbacks were doing a drill where they threw the ball with their left hand:"I missed that. I wouldn't. I'd like to sit here and say that I do, but you'll have to ask Cam and Hue [Jackson] about that one. You never know, maybe they'll have to throw with their left hand."

On his evaluation of the kickers over the last few days:"They both did well. It was a little tough out there today, because they were long kicks with a big crosswind. Steve [Hauschka] kicked that last one, that game-winner there in the two-minute drill, really well. But, you notice, he's done such a good job of getting lift, and that's what you want. He's got a really strong leg, and both those guys get a good lift, but in a big crosswind it blows the ball out of the upright. So, he'll have to learn how to drive the ball a little bit more in the wind. Both those guys, it's going to be a heck of a battle. They look good. They were able to make field goals, in at least a practice-pressure situation. That's the bottom line."

WR Derrick Mason
On him having the "30-plus" day to get some rest:
"Yeah, I've been getting rest the whole camp. (Laughing) I've been able to work a few days, but then had to take a couple of days off, and today was one of those days off. It's nice to see me and a couple of the other guys standing on the sidelines, as opposed to just myself."

On what he thought of the tryout guys:"You're impressed by what they're able to do, come out here on such short notice. Kelley Washington and [Jerry] Porter came in on short notice, and those guys are picking up the offense and they're out here competing. That just speaks volumes of their professionalism that they want to contribute to the team. Anytime you get an opportunity to step on this field, it's a blessing. And I know those two guys in particular are taking it as another opportunity to try to be on the football team."

On if he has a timeline to when he will be 100 percent:"We'll see. I guarantee you I'll be ready for the first game, that's all I can say. I'll be ready by the first game. Everything else, I'll just play it by ear."

On if it would be possible that he wouldn't be ready by the start of training camp:"I don't know. I really don't. The only thing I can say for certain, well not even for certain, but if everything continues to progress the way it has been, I'll be ready for the first game."

On if he had a chance to form any impressions of rookie free agent WRs Eron Riley and Isaiah Williams:"No, it's too early. Obviously, they're good enough to be here. The coaching staff and the personnel [staff] thought highly of them to bring them in, so that speaks volumes in itself. But, I haven't had the opportunity to sit down and really look at the guys and evaluate them. The camp went by so fast. Now, once we come back in again in June or whatnot, then you'll be able to sit down and evaluate all the guys and see how they look, especially in that receiver role."

On if he saw WRs Justin Harper and Marcus Smith step up:"Yeah, Justin… 'Harp,' he did some good things out there throughout the whole six-day, I mean six-practice camp. I know he's really impressed the coaches. I saw him make some terrific catches; he's out there competing. Marcus is just getting better. He's really improved over last season. I think he's now really understanding what it means to be a professional. I think they all are. But you can see it in Marcus, and you can see it in 'Harp.' I know 'Harp' wants to get on the field, because he was injured last year. But even Ernie [Wheelwright], he's making strides. All of the young guys, they're really out there competing, and they're really learning how it is to be a professional in this league."

On what played into his decision to actually get surgery:"Going down to San Francisco and looking at my X-rays. It was determined by the doctors there that I needed surgery, I couldn't hold off. I was going to have to have surgery on my labrum anyway, but the scapula was a whole different thing. We went in, and the doctor went in and fixed it. There was no way around it. I couldn't put it off, so I might as well just get it all done in one stop."

On it being surgery on both his labrum and scapula:"Yeah, it turned out to be a little bit more than what we expected and what we anticipated. But, great doctors, they find a way to mend you back so you can get back on the field as quickly as possible."

On what he learned in camp this weekend:** "I learned a lot. I am very comfortable at right tackle. I learned that you have to have your technique down in the NFL."

The specifics of what he learned in practice: "Just pad level, working on my technique when I'm on break – knowing everything. Once you know everything… I came in in pretty good shape, got through everything, every snap. It's time to learn all my plays, and I think I'll be good from there."
On if the weekend was a confidence builder: "Oh yeah. I was excited. I wasn't nervous to be here. I was excited to be here and excited to be in the NFL. Being out there, going up playing against the 'ones' and things like that, now I know over the summer and OTAs what I've got to work on and the things I've got to do to start."

On if he feels good about his chances of being able to start: "I feel good. I know I'm going to work hard and I know I'm going to do my best to learn everything, and I'm going to compete. That's all I know is competing. I'm definitely going to have to earn my job and come to play every day."
On what he'll be doing between now and training camp: "[I'll be] in the playbook and working out, working on technique getting ready for the season."
On if he expects to be on time to training camp with his agent working a deal out: "That's why we hire those guys. I'm pretty sure he'll take care of everything. I'm just going to be ready to play football."

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