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Super Bowl Expands Ravens' Fan Base, Not Pockets


The NFL is a business. And a business needs to make money.

But that's not in the forefront of the minds of Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti and Team President Dick Cass after winning Super Bowl XLVII.

They're more proud that it helps broaden the Ravens' fan base and brand image.

"It deepens our legacy in this region and probably a little bit more around the country," Cass said Thursday during the team's State of the Ravens press conference.

"That doesn't result in more dollars, but it makes us a more valuable franchise. People look at us in a different light."

Bisciotti said the Ravens keep an eye on monetizing every year, but their ticket sales have remained strong every year. Their renewal fluctuates between 99.5 percent and 98.1 percent every season. So it's not like Baltimore can sell more tickets now that they've won.

In terms of sponsors, Bisciotti said they'll be more inclined to jump on board, but it's not like that is a big money-making operation, he said. The difference will be that there will be less turnover now.

Most of the Ravens' money comes from the NFL's revenue-sharing system, so that won't change.

"I think that it's really just about what you are delivering and the pride associated with the brand," Bisciotti said.

"When so much of our money comes from the national level, it doesn't make that much of a difference. We won't see a spike in revenue because we've won a Super Bowl."

The Ravens have now won two Super Bowls in 13 years. Only the New England Patriots have won more during that time span with three. Two other teams (the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants) have won two during the same time period.

Winning attracts new fans, both locally and national, and sometimes for life.

"You try to think about how many people in this region were watching that Super Bowl game and how many were children and how many will always remember that win and will forever be Ravens fans," Cass said.

"That's what I think is most important in terms of the win for us. It's building our fan base, having more and more fans think highly of the Ravens as an organization. That's something that will stick with us and live beyond this year."

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