Tamba Hali Says Ray Rice Is A 'Good' Trash Talker


Ray Rice isn't known for being a trash talker – at least outside of Kansas City.

Chiefs defensive end Tamba Hali slipped in his opinion on the running back's jawing with Baltimore media Wednesday.

"He's definitely a priority, hard runner, and talks a lot of trash," Hali said. "He makes the game even interesting as it goes on."

Intrigued by the accusation, reporters asked Hali to explain.

"A couple of years we've played him, Ray's talked a lot of trash," Hali said with a laugh. "I don't know if it gets him going or it's something about him. … It's good, though. It's not dirty trash, it's good trash. He's a good player, and some guys are motivated doing that."

Hali went on to say it's a "decent amount" of trash compared to other running backs.

"Usually running backs are quiet and get their job done, but he's one of those guys – he's a mouthful," Hali said. "Philip Rivers talks a lot of trash. Maybe I would compare him to Philip Rivers."

Hali said trash talk is going to bring the best out of the Chiefs on the field this Sunday in Kansas City, the first meeting between the two teams since their divisional playoff game in January 2011.

That's apparently when the trash talk occurred, at least in Rice's memory.

"I was getting into it with one of their guys in the playoff game, but he's no longer on the team," Rice said. "I usually don't let anybody get to me in that kind of flavor, but that one guy was playing very dirty that day – twisting ankles under the pile, spitting and doing some things."

Rice made sure to point out that this isn't usual behavior for him as he champions an anti-bullying cause.

"Talking is usually not a part of my game," he said. "If it's talking, it's usually out of good nature. I tell a guy, 'Good play.' I have no problem giving respect when respect is due."

The light-hearted Rice of course cracked a joke.

"I'm just going to zip it up for [this] game," he said. "Maybe I'll go shake [Hali's] hand – try to be his friend."

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