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Terrell Suggs Set Record Straight For Final Time


Terrell Suggs is ready to move on from all the talk about how his Achilles tendon injury occurred, but set the record straight once and for all as he stood in front of media Thursday -- the first time doing so since the injury.

He explained that while he did play basketball this offseason, his injury did occur during a separate incident.

Since Suggs was hurt in April, stories have circulated that he suffered the injury playing basketball, and ESPN released a report earlier this month quoting an Arizona gym director who said they saw Suggs get hurt during the basketball game.

"This guy was like [in the story], 'It looked like he hurt his Achilles," Suggs said. "I was like, 'that's why you decided to be a gym director. "You got to kind of laugh that thing off [because] everybody's got their own truth. We all know what happened. I don't shy away from anything."

Terrell Suggs Focused On All-Pro Rehabbing

Suggs was adamant that the Achilles tendon injury occurred while running his conditioning test, and said that the ESPN report is referencing another incident.

"They're talking about two entirely different things," Suggs said. "So, it's whatever. I'm way past that and I'm continuing to work to get back on the field."

Suggs said that he has maintained communication with the Ravens since the injury first occurred.

"First things first, I answer to this organization," he said. "Secondly, I answer to my teammates and I answer to my coaching staff. Thirdly, I answer to [the media] and my fans. So, you all that know me, know when I say what happened, that's exactly what happened."

Since the injury occurred during the offseason away from the team's facility, the Ravens had the right under the collective bargaining agreement to dock Suggs' pay. But Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti said the team has no plans to do so, and Suggs was not surprised by that decision.

"I never expected them to, because after 10 years you build a relationship with the people around here," Suggs said. "You have their back and I come through and I give my all for them.

"We've got an understanding. I consider this organization my family, so like I said it was huge, but I never expected them to do that, and I know they didn't expect to."

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