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Terrell Suggs Treating 100 Sacks Like No-Hitter


Don't ask outside linebacker Terrell Suggs about approaching 100 sacks.

The veteran pass rusher is sitting at 99.5 sacks in his career, and he isn't interested in anybody jinxing his path to the century mark.

"It's kind of like the no-hitter," Suggs shot back to a reporter when asked about the milestone last week.

Suggs is sticking with the old baseball superstition, where players are never supposed to bring up the fact that a pitcher is throwing a no-hitter. Pitchers will often sit by themselves in the dugout in the middle of a no-hitter so that teammates don't put on the jinx.

Reporters have asked Suggs about nearing 100 sacks twice in the last few weeks, and the first time he responded with, "Why would you ask me some [stuff] like that?"

While Suggs isn't interesting in talking about the career achievement, fellow outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil heaped praise on his teammate.

"[When] you get to three digits, 100 sacks, I think those are yellow jacket type of accolades," Dumervil said. "He's been a great player for a long time, and I think whenever you get to almost 100 sacks, that's a hell of an accomplishment."

Suggs is the all-time leader in franchise history in the category, and he hopes to add at least a half sack more before hearing about it again.

"When you keep talking about it, it kind of jinxes the whole thing," Suggs said. "So, can we all not bring it up again until it happens?"

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