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The Best Sack Arthur Jones Has Ever Had


Arthur Jones has done his stomping, arm-spreading sack dance before.

But he says he was never as happy about getting a sack more as he was about the one he got Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. That includes the one he got in Super Bowl XLVII.

"It was definitely the best sack that I've had," Jones said. "The first one was great, but thinking you weren't going to be here on earth to being a contributor is huge."

Jones missed the end of the preseason and season opener in Denver due to an irregular heartbeat. Doctors had no idea why his heart was racing. It was so concerning that Jones felt it could end his career, and his life.

"Two weeks ago I didn't think I was going to be here on this earth, let alone playing this game," Jones said. "The game was the least of my worries. It's a blessing and a testament to God that my work here in Baltimore isn't done yet."

After practicing on a limited basis all week, Jones got the starting nod at defensive tackle.

He made three tackles, including his sack for a loss of nine yards near the end of the third quarter.

It came at an ideal time, as the Ravens were clinging to a one-point lead and Ray Rice had just fumbled on Baltimore's side of the field. It was a potential momentum-changing point in the game, and Jones' sack put the Browns back on their heels.

"I was impressed, but we expected that of Art," outside linebacker Terrell Suggs said. "Art's played a big part of this team. He's a starter. … We're proud of him."

Harbaugh said doctors told the team that Jones' heart was functioning at 100 percent again.

The biggest question mark with Jones was* *whether he was going to be in good enough shape to get through a game. He couldn't exercise for about two weeks while he underwent a litany of medical tests. Harbaugh said the team made the decision that Jones would play on Friday.

Jones said his cardio was "a little suspect," but the Ravens' defensive line depth enabled Baltimore to mix in other players and give Jones rest throughout the game. Jones, who notched 4.5 sacks last year, should get stronger in the coming weeks.

"The first of many [sacks] this season – it felt great," Jones said. "It was definitely special."

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