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Click here to comment on this blog. just got picked up by national television, and I would encourage all the Ravens fans out there to go check it out if you can.

I was interviewed by Adam Schefter of the NFL Network for a show he's putting together that will span the league for updates on issues facing key teams from behind-the-scenes.

With a new coach and high-profile quarterback, the Ravens fit the bill of "key team."

As such, the Ravens were featured in the pilot along with my counterparts from the New York Giants (Michael Eisen), Philadelphia Eagles (Dave Spadaro) and Atlanta Falcons (J. Michael Moore).

On screen, I think it's going to look like a Brady Bunch-style graphic, with each floating head taking up one of four squares, which is a tough frame to fill when you're 6-foot-5 as I am.

It was interesting, too, how they set up the interviews. Each club across the league has what they call a "team cam." Basically, it's a big cube that has the ability for the Network to remotely operate a camera and film press conferences, etc. and beam them back to their studio. So, you set up an NFL Network backdrop and sit in a teetering director's chair, have an earpiece plugged in and hold a microphone as a faceless voice speaks to you from thousands of miles away. I have to admit, it was pretty difficult not to look around the room when Adam was talking to me, but you really have to concentrate on the camera.

Anyway… Schefter asked me two quick-hit questions, both of which I was pretty much prepared for. I mean, it's not like the big story is some wide receiver controversy. Everybody wants to know who is going to play quarterback.

The focus was on Joe Flacco, Kyle Boller and Troy Smith.

Of course, nobody around here can answer that question at this point. As I said on the air, the competition is wide-open. Each one of the young signal-callers has a chance, but it all depends on who is most comfortable with Cam Cameron's offense by the time Week 1 rolls around.

Shefter seemed skeptical that Flacco, who hails from Division I-AA Delaware, could start right off the bat. That remains to be seen, but for a guy that towers at 6-foot-6, has a rocket arm and looks to have a good head on his shoulders, I don't see any reason why he can't step in eventually.

Then, I was asked about Troy Smith's chances at beating out Kyle Boller. Harbaugh is being honest when he says it's anybody's game, which means that the former Heisman Trophy winner is one of three prime candidates. Troy was solid in two starts last season, even earning a victory in the finale.

Boller's got the advantage in experience, having played in 53 career contests, but history doesn't count in this race, only what's ahead.

As you can see, the interview was nothing earth-shattering, but it does offer insight into what people are talking about in regards to the Ravens.

Even if you can't see who's doing the talking.

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