The Byrne Identity: Draft Day 2



OHER PASSES EYEBALL TESTAt the risk of offending offensive linemen everywhere, **Michael Oher** passes the "eyeball test" when you meet him. He's big – about 6-4 and weighs about 310 pounds. And, he looks like an athlete. He's not like a lot of offensive linemen – big and, well, lumpy. Michael looks the part.

Second, he handled himself very well and seemed much at ease as he met 20 guys in a whirlwind of the first 20 minutes after his arrival to our facility today. Hey, Michael, here's the owner, here are the guys who drafted you, here's the offensive coordinator, meet the team president, meet the scout from your area, this is our operations VP and on and on. Michael calmly went through this initial buzz of activity with real poise.

When I met **Joe Flacco** for the first time a year ago today, he went through this same process. I had the same reaction to Joe: he handled the buzz on his first day. It says a lot about a person, I think. I've seen other 1st-round choices get a little wide-eyed on this introduction day.


While we moved up in the 1st round to draft Michael Oher yesterday, Ozzie and Eric also talked in the draft room about moving down from 26 to acquire an extra pick today. Among the group of players the Ravens' brain trust was considering if they moved back in the 1st round was Paul Kruger. Of course, Ozzie later tabbed Kruger with our 2nd-round pick. Good fortune for us.

Kruger's name card has a red star on it. Those players with red stars are special. Each of the Ravens' scouts gets to place a red star on the card of the player he believes would best personify what a Ravens' player should be. Along with the athletic ability, players given red stars are also passionate about the game, dedicated to getting better, fearless on the field, have outstanding character and have high intelligence.


Should have done this yesterday, but here's what the draft room looks like: **Ozzie** sits at the head of the large table in the center of the room with our draft board to his back. On the opposite wall is a large screen with either the NFL Network or ESPN on. There are 2 large TVs on either side of the screen with ESPN2 and the other network's telecast.

To Ozzie's right is DeCosta, and to his right is new director of college scouting **Joe Hortiz**. **Art Modell**, our former owner, has used the seat next to Joe. Art came yesterday and is back today. David Modell, our former president, was also here yesterday.

To Ozzie's left is **Steve Bisciotti** and then **John Harbaugh**, who sits next to team president **Dick Cass**. **Vincent Newsome**, our director of pro personnel, is to Dick's left. Behind these seats sit the team's 3 coordinators: **Cam Cameron****Greg Mattison** and Jerry Rosburg.

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