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The Byrne Identity: What's The Draft-Day-Trade Chart?


WHAT'S THE DRAFT-DAY-TRADE CHART?I said I'd explain the draft-day-trade chart NFL teams use to evaluate spots when making trades. Here goes:
Each spot in the draft is assigned a number with the first selection in the first round having the highest value. That values decreases at each spot as you go through the draft. Thus, the last spot in the seventh-round has the least value.

To explain our trade simply, let's say the pick we originally owned in the first round – the 25th spot – had a chart value of 100 points. When you consider trading that spot, your hope is to get value worth more than 100 points or at least equal to it. In our trade with Denver for our first-round pick, we obtained the Broncos' second (43rd pick in the draft), third (70th) and fourth (114th) selections.

For this discussion, let's assign 60 points to the 43rd spot, 35 points to the 70th and 20 to the 114th slot. Add those three values – 60, 35 and 20 – and you get a total of 115 points. For this discussion, that means that the Ravens received 115 points of draft value, or draft currency if you will, for the 100 points they gave to Denver.

That's how draft trades get evaluated. Sometimes, there is a gut feeling applied to these trades based on the love a team has for a player it wants. However, most draft-choice trades are decided by simple math. While you can applaud Denver's zeal for going after a player it loved – Tim Tebow – the value received in draft currency by the Ravens was worth more to us than staying at 25 and selecting a player.

WHAT COULD HAPPEN TONIGHT?Think of the possibilities tonight: we currently own two second-rounders (the 43rd and 57th selections) and one third (the 70th spot). Think of these second-round selections in our history: RB Ray Rice, DE Anthony Weaver and OLB Jamie Sharper. Would it be great to hit on a player or two players as good as any of this trio?

Look at some of the third-round choices in Ravens history: how about CB Lardarius Webb a year ago? Starting guard Marshal Yanda was a third-round choice in 2007, while S Tom Zbikowski and ILB Tavares Gooden were tabbed in the third round of 2008.

I can understand why some fans are disappointed we didn't select a player at No. 25 last night, especially a "name" player who has become prominent through all these draft studies. But, believe me, there are still many, many very good players waiting to be drafted tonight. Our history is pretty good when it comes to evaluating these players and drafting them. I'm excited.


Kevin Byrne, a Ravens senior vice president, has worked in the NFL for 32 years. Byrne has been with the Ravens since the start of the franchise in 1996. Earlier in his career, Byrne was the sports information director at Marquette University, his alma mater, when they won the 1977 NCAA basketball championship under coach Al McGuire.

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