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The Caw: 10 Dumbest Questions At Media Day


There was a viking, a super hero, the supposed king of New Orleans and a masked wrestler guy.

Yeah, it got wacky at Media Day.

One of the best parts for somebody who has been covering this team all year long is listening to all the stupid questions lobbed at the players and Head Coach John Harbaugh.

I compiled a list of the best/worst questions with the help of some of my co-workers:

1.       On a scale of 1 to 10, how ticklish are you? [to TE Dennis Pitta]"I'm probably a five or six. You know, moderately ticklish. Good question."

2.       If you won the Super Bowl, would you get on Twitter? [to HC John Harbaugh]
"I wouldn't get on Twitter because I wouldn't know how to do it. My daughter's got me on Snapchat. Is that something? I can't figure out how to use that. So Twitter would be another whole realm for me."

3.       Do you own any pets? Why not? [to Pitta]"I'm just not a huge domestic animal fan."

4.       What do you eat in front of your fridge late at night in your underwear? [to OLB Terrell Suggs]"The Mrs., she doesn't let me get up and eat like that anymore. I just drink cranberry juice in the middle of the night. But my guilty pleasure is definitely at a restaurant called Oregano's in Phoenix, Ariz. It's called The Lady is a Scampi. I recommend ya'll get it."

5.       How are you going to celebrate a touchdown? [to Suggs]"I'm on defense. They're on offense, so I'm usually on the sideline then. But if we do score, you know what, we'll have to live in the moment. I can't predict it."

6.       How important is this Sunday's game? [to S Ed Reed]
"Very important. It's the Super Bowl."

7.       I know you love your brother and parents, but do you still want to kick his [butt] on Sunday? [to Harbaugh]
"I think that goes without saying. You so eloquently said it."

8.       Who has the best hair? Ray Lewis? [to DT Haloti Ngata]"Ray? Ray paints his hair."

9.       Will you sing, "I Left My Heart In San Francisco?' [to Reed]
"I left my heeeeart in San Francisco. I don't even know the words. And I did not leave my heart in San Francisco."

10.   What was the dumbest question you got today? [to Ngata]
"That one."

Ok, I'll admit it. The last question was mine. I guess I'm just one of these Super Bowl weirdos.

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