The Caw: Alex Lewis Has a Mullet, Wakes Up to Screeching Bald Eagle


When Alex Lewis wakes up for Sunday's game against the Steelers, it will be to the sound of a screeching bald eagle. That's his alarm clock every day.

"It's like you're waking up to the Star-Spangled Banner and a drum line going," he said. "It gets you rolling. It sounds like America's getting after it – hunting the prey for the day."

So it only seems appropriate that Lewis also wakes up with a mullet.

Lewis went to Floyd's barbershop in Reisterstown this week and asked for a mullet. He showed the barber a picture of Joe Dirt and told them to do a combination of that and Brian Bosworth’s mullet.

Barber: "Is this for Halloween? Is this a costume?"

Lewis: "Oh, no, this is for life."

Barber: "For life? Life, life? How long are you going to do it?"

Lewis: "Till death do us part."

So what's a cut like that say about a man?

"Speaks freedom," Lewis responded.

And does he believe in the notion that if you look good, you play good?

"Well if that's the case, I might not play that well. So, no, I don't believe in that," he said with a laugh.

Lewis is hoping to return to the field Sunday against the Steelers after missing the past two games because of a pinched nerve in his neck. A hit in Nashville left his upper body numb and sent him to the hospital.

It's clear that he's feeling a lot better these days. Looking better is another debate.

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