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The Caw: Eric Weddle And Kobe Bryant Are Fans Of Each Other


There are essentially two factions in the Ravens locker room. 

There are LeBron James lovers and there are Kobe Bryant believers. 

Count Ravens safety Eric Weddle in Camp Kobe, at least when it comes to children's programming (and I think more). 

Bryant has released a project called "Canvas City," which will have six episodes and is written, directed and created by the retired Los Angeles Lakers star for ESPN. 

The second episode, "Musecage" was released Sunday night during ABC's "NBA Countdown" pregame show. It's a little like "Sesame Street" in that it featured a puppet (Little Mamba) interacting with Bryant. 

According to an ESPN, the episode "helps others better their best by delivering complex basketball insights in a light-hearted, easy-to-digest way. The show helps others understand the game at a higher level and offers a new voice to sports storytelling that will hopefully captivate the whole family." 

It definitely worked for Weddle and his four kids. Check out Weddle's tweet last night, followed by Bryant's response:

Sidenote: Any chance "The Recruiter" Weddle could lure Kobe out of retirement to come play for the Ravens? I bet he could run a nice route, his hands are good, and Baltimore could use a little Mamba at the end of games. Hmmmmmm. 

(I'm joking.)

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