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The Caw: Fatherhood Is Torrey Smith's New Motivation


Torrey Smith has been tweeting that watching the NFL playoffs is difficult for him. For the first time during his three-year career, he's at home watching the postseason.

But Smith has another motivation to perform (and get back to the playoffs) next season.


"I've been motivated before, but it's a different kind of motivation," Smith said.

Smith and his wife, Chanel, are expecting their first child (a boy) in April. The two have captured Baltimore's heart because of how public they've been throughout their dating, engagement and wedding journey, and now their path to parenthood.

In September, the Smiths announced the pregnancy on Twitter with a clever picture of Prego pasta sauce. Then in December, Chanel posted a video on Instagram of Smith excitedly finding out he was going to have a son.

When Smith comes back to the Under Armour Performance Center next year, he'll be a different man.

"Before I was playing and I was like, this is nice for myself and to be able to help my family at times," Smith said.

"But now I'm like, 'Whoa, I have someone who I'm 100 percent responsible for, who I helped put on this earth.' I'm definitely even more motivated. I'm excited about being that kind of figure for my child."

Smith can get some parenting tips from a couple of other superstars on the Ravens offense. Quarterback Joe Flacco has two sons, Stephen and Daniel, and running back Ray Rice has a baby girl, Rayven.

Ravens players generally keep their kids out of the spotlight, but I have a feeling we're going to be seeing lots of adorable pictures of Smith's son on Twitter and Instagram. Just a hunch.

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