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The Caw: Flacco Family Growing ... And Growing


The Flaccos are expecting their third child in January.

(Pause for congrats)

They aren't stopping there.

Quarterback Joe Flacco and his wife, Dana, already have two boys, Stephen (age 2) and Daniel (age 1). Flacco said he doesn't think they will keep up their current one-kid-a-year pace, but if it were up to him (I don't think that's how it works), he would have infinity.

OK, maybe just a few more is realistic.

"I'd be satisfied with five," Flacco told me.

"Kids are a lot of fun. It would be cooler to have more, but if we got to five and that was it, I'd be cool with that. I'm satisfied now, but I want as many as I could have."

Flacco is such a fan of a large family because that's what he grew up with in New Jersey. He's the oldest of six. "I had such a good time growing up in a big family, so I'd like to have that," he said.

Flacco's family included five boys and just one girl, Stephanie, who I can only imagine must be tough as nails to put up with so many sports-obsessed brothers.  Flacco may be headed down the same XY chromosome track with two boys already.

"The fact that I was able to have two boys off the bat kind of got the pressure off myself," he said with a laugh.

"If we do have a girl this time – or when we do have a girl – I'm going to be totally stoked. It would be great for my wife to have* *a daughter. I don't know if it's going to happen this time. I kinda think it might be a girl."

To help accommodate his growing family, Flacco bought former Ravens center Matt Birk's old house when Birk retired. Birk has six children.

"It's perfect. It was already well set up," Flacco said.

For now, they're the Flacco Five.

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