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The Caw: How You Can Talk Trash With Steve Smith Sr.


Need some help talking trash with your Steelers-loving co-workers? Or maybe you want to bust your friend's chops after they beat you in fantasy football?

The master, Steve Smith Sr., is here to help.

The Ravens' (ahem) outspoken wide receiver is running a charity campaign through in which fans can pledge money to earn different rewards.

The money goes to Smith's foundation, which throws camps for children (particularly often military children) around the world. The Smiths have also chosen to support Kids 2 Camp through this campaign. Kids 2 Camp provides scholarships to disadvantaged or disabled youth to attend camps.

The grand prize is two tickets to watch the Ravens' Week 8 home game against the San Diego Chargers from Smith's VIP suite (you know, the one where he sat after being ejected from the Redskins preseason game).

Then, the two fans will hang with Smith and he'll record three customized videos bad-mouthing whomever and whatever. Pretty cool.

The most basic donation of $10 gets a person 100 chances to win the experience. The more money a person pledges, the more chances they get in the raffle. Any pledge of $50 or more also comes with an automatic reward, such as campaign T-shirts, a Twitter shout out and autographed memorabilia.

The highest pledge amount of $5,000 gives a fan 50,000 chances to win the grand prize and guarantees a football Q&A Skype conversation with Smith.

See, this is proof that trash-talking can be for the good of society. Go ahead and donate, Ravens fans.

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