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The Caw: Joe Flacco Enjoys Opposing Fans Yelling At Him


Here's a note to opposing fans. Don't waste your time taunting Joe Flacco, because he loves it.

I'm not talking about loving it because it fires him up or motivates him. He genuinely thinks it's funny.

"Beating a team, not beating a team – it's still fun," Flacco said of fans' taunts.

"It's funny to hear the things that the crazy people say, and you've got to love it. Why is our sport the way it is? It's because you have all those people."

Flacco essentially told the media that he'd be a terrible fan because he wouldn't cheer and taunt like the others.

"At the end of the day, our sport exists because you have those people that are out there willing to show up to the game and just die for their team on Sunday, even though they're just sitting on the sidelines and cheering for us," Flacco said. "It's amazing what lengths people will go to."

He continued.

"I don't want to go see a football game, but those 70,000 people do. I wouldn't be a good fan. I'd be sitting there watching the game [like], 'OK, cool.' But these guys are going nuts."

I can just picture Joe at a game looking around, bewildered by fans' antics. It would be the same face he sometimes has when teammates are dancing around him in the locker room.

However, I can't imagine Joe getting taunted too badly at opposing games. What do people make jokes about? His big salary?

"Oh, I don't know. I probably can't say it here," Flacco joked.

Well, have at it fans. Apparently Joe hears you, and is laughing inside his helmet.

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