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The Caw: Joe Flacco Envisioned Touchdown Dance In Pittsburgh

Dangit, Crockett Gillmore. Why did you have to get so wide-open?

Gillmore's 21-yard catch and touchdown run in the fourth quarter of Saturday night's win in Pittsburgh prevented what could have been a top-5 moment in Ravens history.

It spoiled what would have been Joe Flacco's first NFL touchdown dance in his seven years. 

When the play-call for a bootleg to the right came in, Flacco envisioned the Steelers defense flowing with the receivers, leaving him open for a long run into the end zone, capped off with a spin move.

Then it would have been Joe Flacco party time.

"I was getting ready to whip it, baby!" Flacco told Steve Smith Sr., Jacoby Jones and other huddled teammates on the bench.

"I was playing it out in my head like, 'Do I have enough rhythm to do this one time?"

"The Whip," for those of you like me who aren't familiar, is the dance craze that's replaced the “Nae Nae.” New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. brought it to the NFL.

Consider me stunned that Flacco knows about this and I don't. Is Flacco suddenly hip? Or is he only hip in the playoffs?

Here's what it would have looked like if Flacco danced. Well, at least something like this. Let's pray Flacco gets into the end zone in New England.

(Mobile users tap "View in browser" to watch Flacco crack up teammates with his story of the visionary dance.)

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