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The Caw: Joe Flacco Pokes Fun At His Own Celebrations


You know another thing that stinks about the Ravens losing?

It makes writing about touchdown celebrations look stupid and people don't want to read funny little stories during such dark times.

Well, whatever, I'm doing it anyway because Joe Flacco talked about it and he was funny. So there. Let's not all be a bunch of sourpusses.

Unfortunately lost in Sunday's loss to the Browns was a pair of rushing touchdowns by Flacco. It was the first double rushing touchdown game of his career, and also perhaps the first excellent touchdown celebration of his career.

On his first score, Flacco faked a handoff from the 1-yard line before rolling out of the pocket. Every single Browns defender bit hard on the fake and Flacco waltzed in for the score. Flacco held the ball out as he went into the end zone, then reared back and threw down a, I hate to say, Gronk-like spike.

"I just wanted to get a monster spike in, and I kind of thought it was awkward as I was doing it," Flacco said with a chuckle. "But there are a couple good pictures on Instagram of me, so I liked it."

What the!?!?! Joe's on Instagram? Joe knows what social media is?

Flacco also had a very un-Flacco-like reaction after his second touchdown. On that one, he leapt over the pile for a 1-yard quarterback sneak.

"The second one, the guy was trying to rip my helmet off as I got up there, so I had a couple choice words for him as I got up," Flacco said. "Then I ran away from him."

Things returned to normal Wednesday. Reporters thought they saw Flacco dancing during the open portion of practice, but Flacco said he was actually, and not humorously, reenacting the knee injury suffered by Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles on Sunday.

Flacco was twisting his leg around, leading reporters to ask if he was doing the "Stanky Legg."

"If you ever see me doing that then just believe that I'm not trying to dance," Flacco said with a laugh. "I don't dance in the confines of my own bedroom, let alone where anybody might possibly see me."

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