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The Caw: Joe Flacco Teases Justin Forsett With Touchdown Celebration


Justin Forsett's touchdown celebration is the same every time: drop to one knee and give glory to God.

That's great and all, but with Forsett getting in the end zone so often these days, quarterback Joe Flacco spiced it up a little bit on Monday Night Football. Yes, the typically stoic Flacco started the joke.

After Forsett's 20-yard touchdown run late in the fourth quarter (his second of the game), 6-foot-6 Flacco squatted to give the 5-foot-8 Forsett a mini high-five, mocking the running back's short stature.

"I knew he would appreciate it and I thought it would be funny," Flacco said. "Torrey [Smith] and Jacoby [Jones] were right behind me and did it, too."

Why do I have a feeling that this photo and play, which happened by accident when Flacco tripped, had something to do with the joke's genesis.

"I'm just glad they got involved celebrating my touchdowns," Forsett said with a laugh. "I've heard all the short jokes my whole life, so I'm OK with it."

Smith said the Ravens players may keep the mini high-five celebration going. Thumbs up, high-fives down.

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