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The Caw: Justin Forsett Faces His Fear Of Horses


Who knew Justin Forsett suffered from equinophobia? Yup, the Ravens running back apparently fears gentle horses more than defensive tackles. Mind you, a defensive tackle literally broke his arm last season.

The folks at Whistle Sports took Forsett, nicknamed Justin "Wild Back" Forsett for the sake of this video, on a horseback ride to face his fears and comedy ensued.

"I'm on the edge of crying and peeing on myself right now," Forsett said as he sat atop the horse.

This was before it was even moving anywhere.

"I'm a little nervous right now," he said. "I'd rather be picking up a blitz right now than riding on this horse."

The only enjoyment that Forsett gleaned from the ride, it seemed, was the height increase.

"Tallest I've ever been," he said with a chuckle.

Just watch it yourself in this link (unfortunately we can't embed it).

Don't feel too bad, Justin. You aren't alone.

This whole thing reminds me of Chiefs safety Eric Berry, who isn't too fond of the Kansas City horse mascot, Warpaint. If you want a few more laughs, check this out.

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