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The Caw: Justin Forsett's New Year's Resolution: Look Like Tyrod Taylor


Losing weight is a popular New Year's resolution, and that doesn't change even when it comes to professional football players.

On New Year's Eve, running back Justin Forsett was asked for what his resolution will be this year.

He thought about for a while before saying he wants to lose some body fat. 

"I wanna get more where Tyrod [Taylor] is," Forsett said. "If you see Tyrod strutting around here with his 2 percent body fat, I've got to get down so I can at least challenge him."

The 5-foot-8, 197-pound Forsett didn't reveal what his body fat is currently, but Taylor guessed it's around 9 percent.

"I already told Justin that running backs are the first ones to get fat after they retire," Taylor said with a laugh. "Nah, he works hard."

Forsett already got to work on his resolution. He went in for extra core work after speaking with reporters.

Taylor, the backup quarterback with plenty of speed and juke moves, said he's currently at 6 percent body fat. But his isn't even the best on the team, he admitted.

That honor goes to wide receiver Kamar Aiken.

"Right now it's around six," Aiken said. "Usually, it's around three. When I'm in tip-top shape, it's three."

I haven't taken my body fat index. My doctor says it would weigh* *too heavy on my conscious.

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