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The Caw: Justin Forsett Too Stubborn To Heal Nose Cut


Plenty of Ravens fans are thankful for running back Justin Forsett this Thanksgiving.

But when Forsett goes home, he grosses out his own family.

It's because he has a large, bloody cut on the bridge of his nose. He's had it since Week 3 or 4 of the season (it's been so long he can't remember).

"[My wife is] not a fan of the Band-Aid," Forsett said. "My little son, every time I come home and pick him up, he's like, 'Ew!' It's just nasty to him. He won't let me hold him too long, so that's a problem."

The Band-Aid has almost become an accessory for Forsett. It's like a badge of honor, showing the wear and tear of being a workhorse starting running back – a new role for the journeyman veteran.

The cut simply doesn't have enough time to heal between Sundays, and the bye was no help either. Forsett still wore the Band-Aid on Monday Night Football.

"The cut's just gotten bigger and bigger," Forsett said.

The problem is his helmet keeps crashing down on his nose every Sunday, re-opening the wound. The Monday Night Football cameras showed Forsett getting his nose re-bandaged after his first touchdown of the game.

So why not get a new helmet?

"I don't want a new helmet," Forsett said. "I guess I'm being stubborn in that respect as far as the equipment guys. I've had this helmet for a long time with this style. I'm locked in on it. So I don't mind getting the cuts."

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