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The Caw: Justin Tucker Takes Aim At Breaking Expensive Camera


The Ravens have a new 360-degree, high-definition, high-tech camera they're using to videotape practice.

The camera is at the end of a very long pole, which is strapped to a small vehicle manned by Director of Football Video Operations Mark Bienvenu.

Well, I hope Mark's health insurance is up to date because Tucker is taking aim at the camera.

"Tucker feels like that thing is a little shaky up there, and if he hits the pole hard enough in the right spot, it's going to come down on Mark's head," Head Coach John Harbaugh said with a laugh. "Tucker is trying to accomplish that. That's his goal."

Tucker calls the camera the "War of the Worlds" camera, a reference to the 2005 film starring Tom Cruise and H.G. Wells' classic novel.

"It sees every move you make out here," Harbaugh joked with a reporter. "You've been implanted with a chip. We know where you go at all times. It's wired to get all phone calls off of the field in case any information is leaking out of our place here."

Well, Tucker must not like Big Brother watching over him. Actually, Tucker simply just has more of an urge to seek and destroy. To this point, he hasn't gotten it yet.

"When that thing is lined up dead center and I can pick that out as my aiming point, I'm going to see if I can knock that thing over for sure," he said.

"I did clip it with one kick, but it wasn't a meaty thud. It was close, but I definitely nicked it. At the same time, that's not satisfactory. We're trying to knock that sucker over. Hopefully it's not too expensive and come out of my paycheck."

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