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The Caw: Kamar Aiken Got Botched In Madden 16


Last year, it was Marshal Yanda's toughness that was wrong.

This year, the creators of Madden 16 botched Kamar Aiken.

The popular video game, which hit stores yesterday, gave the Ravens wide receiver dreads and rated him as the least tough guy on the team.

Aiken hasn't had dreads since … well never. He's got a tight low cut all the way around.

@Ravens Why does @KamarAiken88 have dreads in Madden16? LoL this messed my day up. #RavensNation — josh (@joshdirtie) August 25, 2015

"Did they give Marlon [Brown] a low cut?" Aiken jokingly asked.

Brown does have dreads. The hair mistake didn't bother Aiken so much. The toughness rating of a 60 (tied with Ravens cornerbacks Cassius Vaughn and Tramain Jacobs) chaps Aiken's not existent dreads.

"Who voted? Who made these? It's absurd," Aiken said. "That's why I don't play Madden and neither will my kids."

What's funny is that Aiken reminds the Ravens of former Baltimore wideout Anquan Boldin. Madden 16 rated Boldin as the toughest guy in all the NFL, tied with Buccaneers guard Logan Mankins, Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. and Yanda. At least Madden got Yanda right this time.

On Tuesday night, a PSL season ticket holder asked to get Smith and running back Justin Forsett's reaction to their Madden ratings.

"I think they took my speed away, but I'm 99 with toughness," Smith Sr. proudly said before turning to Forsett. "You're about a five on toughness."

Forsett busted up laughing. He got the last laugh though because Forsett received an 87 overall rating to Smith's 86 overall.

"I'm 36 [years old]. You should be an overall better player," Smith quipped. "If you're not, shame on you Justin."

And while that was all going on last night, I think I know what safety Kendrick Lewis was up to back home.

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