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The Caw: Kyle Juszczyk's Unique Pregame Entrance


Fullback Kyle Juszczyk thought for two long years about what he would do when he ran out of the tunnel for his pregame entrance.

At first, he thought he would do a play off his nickname "Juice." But an image of him pretending to chug a can of juice (which could be mistaken for beer) wasn't the smartest idea.

After all, this is a Harvard graduate. He's got to come up with something clever.

"Only so many people get to run out in the starting lineup of an NFL game," Juszczyk said. "I'm going to make the most of it."

What Juszczyk settled on is a combination of both clever and tough guy, which really speaks to the kind of player he is – a rare* *fullback, a battering ram with a big brain.

Juszczyk's routine features him running out, knocking on an imaginary door, putting his ear up to it to listen for something on the other side, then just kicking the door in.

So what does that mean?

"Kicking down the door of opportunity," Juszczyk said.


"Vonta [Leach] had his whole hammer thing," Juszczyk said, harkening back to his mentor's hammer smash entrance.

"You're a fullback, so you kind of have to have a tough guy look. I can't be out there like Jacoby [Jones] and chop it up and do all that. I figured this is enough tough guy, along with a little swag. You've got to smash something."

So is Juszczyk going to do this every game?

"I don't know," he said. "It might be an every week thing. But I was also thinking maybe next time I go out there, I'll knock, try the door a little bit and be like, 'It's locked!' I might mix it up a little bit, but I think it'll be around the same general theme."

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