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The Caw: Kyle Juszczyk Won College Football Dunk Contest


Ravens fullback Kyle Juszczyk can dunk. You read that right.

Juszczyk created some buzz with his LeBron James touchdown celebration in Cleveland last week. Turns out, he not only celebrates like LeBron, he throws down like him too (OK, that may be a stretch).

The 6-foot-1 Juszczyk was a point guard at Cloverleaf High School in Lodi, Ohio. He took those hooping skills to college, entered Harvard football's dunk contest, and won.

"2011 Harvard Football Dunk Contest champion," Juszczyk told reporters Wednesday. "Runner-up in 2010. But who's counting?"

You may not immediately recognize Juszczyk because he's wearing a white doo rag and custom Cleveland Cavaliers jersey with former Browns return specialist Josh Cribbs' No. 16 and name. Never seen that look before. He apparently also used to be called Kyle "The Juice Mane" Juszczyk.

What was the dunk he won with?

"It was the year that [Clippers forward] Blake Griffin jumped over a car," Juszczyk said. "So I had my teammate push out a Little Tikes car and then I threw it off the glass, caught it and dunked it."

Here's a dunk from the 2011 competition, although it's not that one (mobile users click "View In Browser" above): ![](

That wasn't the end of Juszczyk's college dunking. When he went back to Harvard to get his degree this past summer, Juice put together this feature-length video.

And just for fun, here's video illustrating the athletic disparity between me and Juszczyk. I too participated in a college dunk contest, which also happened to feature Little Tikes toys.

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