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The Caw: Lombardi Trophy Visits Baltimore


The Lombardi Trophy was at the Under Armour Performance Center Wednesday.

But the Ravens weren't bothering with it.

CBS was in town to shoot video interviews and headshots that they'll show* *in the pregame build-up and perhaps coming out of commercial breaks. They feed the players lines to say and give them props to hold to make them more comfortable and add to the shot.

One of the props is an actual non-engraved Lombardi Trophy.

A few players that showed up for the early shoots saw the trophy when it was still out as an option* *to pose with.

But once Ray Lewis arrived, the trophy got put away.

CBS Associate Director Cory Fishman said Ray Lewis laid down an order that nobody was going to be shot with the trophy. Not touching it, not around it, NOTHING.

Lewis later told the network (not these exact words … and believe me, they're powerful words that you'll want to tune in to hear) that they hadn't earned the Lombardi yet. So they didn't deserve it.

Fishman said it's highly unusual that a team wouldn't take any shots with the Lombardi Trophy.

"Most teams don't have an issue with it," he said.

Well the Ravens aren't chancing anything.

By mid-day, the trophy was put away and replaced by a Ravens helmet.

"We're there, but we're not there yet," defensive tackle Art Jones said. "It's within arm's reach. If we don't win this game, it doesn't mean anything."

"If it happens, then I'll take a picture with it," cornerback Jimmy Smith added. "I don't want to jinx it. That seems like a jinx."

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