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The Caw: Mike Tomlin Playfully Jabbed In New Ravens Fan Credo


One of the best parts about winning is that it lets you do some good-natured trolling afterwards. Just ask Snoop Dogg.

So I'll admit that I wouldn't be writing this story had the Ravens lost to the Steelers Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium.

But since they didn't, I had to point this out.

The Ravens Productions team had a little fun at Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin's expense during Sunday's 20-17 victory.

It's subtle, but masterful.

During the team's revamped fan credo, there's a part about not trespassing onto the field. Just for the Steelers game (and now this may continue), it shows a Tomlin avatar standing on the field before suddenly moving away when a Ravens icon runs by.

It's a throwback to 2013 when Tomlin interfered with then Ravens returner Jacoby Jones as he was on his way to a kickoff return for a touchdown. I'm sure you remember the play.

Two years after the incident, Tomlin was still asked about it last week.

"I think over the course of time, [Jones] has gotten to know me, and I think that may have eliminated any questions he may have had about that incident," Tomlin said.

Jones and Tomlin were back on that same sideline for Sunday's game, this time working together. However, the closest Jones got to any game action was on the RavensVision boards.


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