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The Caw: Pandemonium In Baltimore During Broncos Win

There's no cheering allowed in the press box.

But I'll admit, there was some emotion showed by myself and some of my co-workers during Saturday night's thrilling 38-35 double overtime win.

Public Relations Manager Patrick Gleason was sitting to my right and nearly dislocated my shoulder with a punch after Torrey Smith's first touchdown.

My boss, Vice President of Digital Media Michelle Andres, leapt out of her seat in shock repeating something like "OMG!" over and over after Jacoby Jones' 70-yard miracle reception.

I also sat a couple seats down from General Manager Ozzie Newsome, Assistant General Manager Eric DeCosta and Vice President of Football Administration Pat Moriarty. At one point DeCosta said something to me about it being an amazing game, and when it was all over they leapt up and hugged each other.

Well, after perusing YouTube this morning, I see the reaction in Baltimore may have even been stronger.

Share your reaction and any video in the comments below, and for now check out these clips.

Here's the scene in Federal Hill, where fans poured out into the streets. Let's be clear, I don't support illegal behavior. But as a former Terp, I connect with this.

Now here's one fan that I don't think anyone will match in excitement (or deliriousness). At first I thought he* *might be faking it, but his kids don't seem the least bit surprised by their father's meltdown.

First, here's his reaction to Ray Rice's touchdown at the end of the third quarter to tie the game…

Then his reaction to Jacoby Jones' 70-yard touchdown to send the game to overtime…

Finally, his reaction to Corey Graham's overtime interception. I can only imagine what it was like during Justin Tucker's kick, but for some reason that wasn't posted. Maybe because they ran out of memory card space … or he just totally combusted.

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