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The Caw: Ravens All-Star Baseball Team


The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is tonight in Minneapolis, Minn., and Baltimore is justifiably baseball-crazy right now with the Orioles (who have three All-Stars, by the way) in first place at the break.

So I figured this would be a good time to pick a Ravens baseball All-Star squad.

This suggested squad comes through years of attending the Lardarius Webb softball tournament, which has really sorted out the ballplayers from the benchwarmers.

Here goes…

Starting Pitcher: Joe Flacco
Coming out of high school, one of the big questions Flacco had for colleges during his recruitment was whether they would let him play baseball. Flacco was an All-Star pitcher at Audubon High School in New Jersey. If I could, I'd put Flacco at every position. He's that good at baseball.

Catcher: Jeremy ZuttahFlacco needs a battery mate, so why not the guy who snaps to him? Zuttah has drawn praise for his intelligence and leadership, which are also important attributes behind the plate. He can mash too.

First Base: Gino Gradkowski
Gradkowski used to play a little baseball in his day and it still shows. He's pretty slick with the glove and would provide some power at the plate.

Second Base: Lardarius Webb
Webb gets the nod for experience. He's the host of his annual softball tournament, and takes the game probably more seriously than most realize. He's got the range for second base.

Shortstop: Ryan Jensen
The 6-foot-4, 306-pound Jensen's not your prototypical shortstop by any means, but that's where he played in Webb's tournament this year and he was one of the most impressive players on the field. He can flat-out hit too.

Third Base: Sam Koch
Koch is one of those guys who is good at every single sport he plays. I'm seeing visions of Brooks Robinson at the hot corner. I'd enter Koch into the home run derby along with Flacco.

Left Field: Tyrod Taylor
Taylor may be the best pure athlete on the team and he's got a cannon for an arm. He has the speed to cover the gaps and an arm to cut down runners at the plate.

Center Field: Torrey SmithGotta have speed in center field, so I'm going with Smith. He's also good buddies with Orioles center fielder Adam Jones, so maybe he can get some tips.

Right Field: C.J. Mosley
Mosley claimed he hadn't touched a bat since high school, but blasted a home run during Webb's game. Not sure on the rookie's defense, so I'll hide him in right.

Closer: Steve Smith, Sr.
You've got to have an edge to be a good closer. Smith Sr. would come sprinting out of the bullpen and take no prisoners on the mound.

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