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The Caw: Ray Lewis Is A Photographer Too


Is there anything Ray Lewis can't do?

I mean, seriously. The guy is a Hall of Fame football player, a phenomenal public speaker, a pretty darn good actor and a well-respected humanitarian.

Now he's all of a sudden an artist too?

Yup, Lewis is a good photographer, as I saw Friday night when I visited the debut of his "Sun Diaries" series at the Maryland Art Place's annual gala at Power Plant Live.

Lewis' work was featured along with the event's LUX exhibition highlighting artists working in photography and digital media within Maryland.

He had five pieces on display, all of sunrises or sunsets taken behind his home in Boca Raton, Fla.

"Sunrises and sunsets are just so awe inspiring for me," Lewis said. "Man has no input on that. You've never seen the same sunrise or sunset."

So how the heck did Ray squeeze photography into his busy life?

Well it started about eight years ago when his mom bought him a digital camera for Christmas. Before that, he was still using one of the old school film cameras, and he was determined to get the most out of his new toy.

Lewis went to the 2004 Pro Bowl in Hawaii and started getting into it.

"I got serious and took digital photography and found it's a real, real powerful thing," Lewis said. "I realized that with my job always being so hectic, photography is so quiet."

So for all of us artists out there, scratch another thing off the list that you thought you possibly did better than Ray Lewis.

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