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The Caw: Steve Smith Returns To Flooded House


Steve Smith Sr.'s season has gotten off to a soggy start.

On Sunday, Smith Sr. drove up from his permanent home in Charlotte, N.C. to his rented home closer to Baltimore. When he arrived, he got a little surprise.

"My garage ceiling was my garage floor and there was water – a little baby stream – coming out of my garage," Smith said at his two-day summer football camp at Owings Mills High School Monday.

"The only part I'm looking forward to with camp is the hotel."

Smith said there was a pinhole-sized leak in his water pipes. It started leaking in the wall, crept through the drywall, flooded the master bedroom closet, then seeped into the floor, which is also the ceiling of the garage. That warped the wood, came crashing down and knocked out electricity to the garage.

Here's a picture Smith took of the damage:

pulled into bmore house and look what I found. if this ain't some bull!!! I Dont know wh... — Steve Smith Sr (@89SteveSmith) July 27, 2015

Smith shut off the water to the whole house for three hours. It's a headache to deal with until he moves into the team hotel for training camp.

"It's going to be an interesting project going on in my garage," Smith said. "I'm kind of looking forward to the hotel life and the West Coast life during the season because they're going to be doing some minor construction to my house for the next couple of weeks."

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