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The Caw: Steve Smith Sr. Even Trash Talks Santa Claus


By the sounds of it, there won't be any milk and cookies waiting for Santa Claus tonight in the Smith household. And Santa better make sure his sleigh can outrun Steve Smith Sr.'s scooter.

Just because Smith is sidelined by a torn Achilles doesn't mean his trash-talk game has suffered.

"You come down my chimney in the middle of the night, that's going to be your last delivery," Smith joked at his charity Holiday Helpers event.

He said this after I told him that, unfortunately, healthy Achilles tendons (that was his Christmas wish) don't come tumbling down the chimney.

Apparently, some people may have taken this as a real threat on Jolly Old Saint Nick.

They asked me about Santa was joking around!!! #SmithWPOYChallenge. now I'm threatening... — Steve Smith Sr (@89SteveSmith) December 16, 2015

Don't worry, kids, it really was a joke.

I think.

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