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The Caw: Terrell Suggs Goes Undercover To Ask Dak Prescott A Question


Be on notice, NFL, if you have a press credential request from a "Hacksaw Smithers."

Outside linebacker Terrell Suggs dropped in on Baltimore reporters' conference call with Cowboys rookie quarterback Dak Prescott Wednesday afternoon to ask an important question.

"What do you think of Terrell Suggs and how he's been playing this year?" Suggs asked.

Prescott caught on pretty quick.

Watch the whole exchange for yourself …

Kudos to Suggs on the reporter pseudonym.

We all know where Hacksaw comes from, but I have no idea why Smithers popped into his head. Is it a Waylon Smithers “Simpsons” reference? Good to know that's how Suggs envisions us reporters.

Anyway, Prescott showed he really is wise beyond his years with the bland, complimentary answer. As Suggs walked away, Prescott said, "Ask him what he thinks of me."

Well, reporters did ask Suggs about Prescott and fellow Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott.

"When you are not playing them, it's good to watch," Suggs said. "Especially when they are beating up on your division foes, you definitely love watching them."

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