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The Caw: Terrell Suggs' Steelers T-Shirt


Terrell Suggs always has something to say when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

And that includes talking with his wardrobe.

Suggs was wearing a hilarious T-shirt while addressing the media Tuesday.

The shirt read, "We will never forget. The North remembers," and has the infamous picture of Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin jumping off the field to avoid kick returner Jacoby Jones during the teams' Thanksgiving meeting last season.


I asked Suggs where he got the T-shirt, and got this witty reply.

"In the offseason, I took a pilgrimage to Ball So Hard University and Hogwarts," he said.

"I just dug deep within myself, and this is the image that came up with this whole Steelers rivalry. We just wanted to let their head coach know we will never forget what transpired here in this game last year."

For those who can't take that same pilgrimage but want the t-shirt, you can find it at You're welcome for the plug, Sizzle.

The play, if you remember, could have cost the Ravens a touchdown. Baltimore ended up winning, 22-20, so now it's all fun and games.

Suggs has worn other Steelers T-shirts in previous years. A couple of them are not rated PG so I won't show them here.

The outside linebacker has always been candid about his feelings about Pittsburgh.

Suggs told Pittsburgh reporters today that he gathered "classified information" about Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger while training with former Steelers safety Ryan Clark and outside linebackers LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison this offseason. He declined to reveal what that information was.

It's hard to imagine Suggs and Roethlisberger having many secrets from each other at this point. The two have been battling each other for more than a decade.

"What's my favorite thing about the Steelers rivalry?" Suggs said Tuesday. "Just everything that goes into it, as you can clearly see."

And then he pointed to his shirt. Perfect.

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