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The Caw: The 'Purple Dame' Wore Purple Best ... at Her Wedding


While the Ravens and Minnesota Vikings will battle for the best color on the planet this Sunday, we already know who wears purple best.

That honor goes to Ravens superfan Cindy Ricci, a.k.a. "The Purple Dame," who wore it at her wedding.

ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown aired a video last weekend about the wedding Ricci (formerly Pierce) had in front of her fellow superfans at the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Aug. 1, 2014.

Ricci grew up a Washington Redskins fan because of her father. But the 2000 Super Bowl-winning Ravens changed her mind, and she was hooked after she went to her first game shortly thereafter.

Over time, she's added more and more décor to her look – topped off by her trademark purple wig.

In 2013, at the Pro Football Ultimate Fan Association reunion, longtime boyfriend Dave Ricci, got down on one knee. While they were still at the reunion, people told them they had to come back and get married at the following year's reunion.

Sure enough, Cindy came down the aisle in a purple dress with purple and gold flowers in her hair. Dave wore a tie die purple T-shirt. The New Orleans Saints Pope officiated. Fellow Ravens superfans "Captain Dee-Fense" and "Sports Steve" were in attendance.

"You have embraced this crazy lifestyle and honored me by asking me to be your wife," Cindy told Dave in her vows. "Because you know that, with every inch of my soul, I bleed black and purple. But you will always have my heart."

Here, check out this heartwarming story for yourself.

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