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The Caw: The Story Behind This Hilarious Photo


So how does a 6-foot-6 quarterback hand off to a 5-foot-8 running back?

This photo seemingly answered the question. You get low – real low.

The image of Flacco handing off to Forsett in last Sunday's game against Carolina has cycled social media. It's my new desktop background.

So I figured I'd get the story behind the pic.

Forsett gave his description of the play on Instagram.

"It was pretty loud in the stadium yesterday so Joe bent down to whisper me a joke before he handed me the ball. Lol," Forsett said.

Forsett actually said Flacco tripped on the play. He used #ShortGuyProblems, and said he's "really not that short."

Hate to break it to you, Justin, but you really are that short. You're the shortest guy on the team, one inch lower than wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. Flacco, meanwhile, is tied as the fourth-tallest guy, trailing defensive end Chris Canty and offensive linemen Rick Wagner and Jah Reid by an inch.

Here's Flacco's take on the photograph:

"You can come up with a better quote, but the truth of it is [center] Jeremy [Zuttah] stepped on my right foot," Flacco said. "If you look at the play, I'm stumbling and I barely give him the ball. They just happened to get the picture at the perfect time that it looks like I'm trying to get low with him. I was falling over."

Flacco said he doesn't have to do anything out of the norm to hand the ball off to the teeny tiny Forsett.

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