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The Caw: Timmy Jernigan Sees Snow For First Time, Builds Snowman


There may not have been a happier person on the planet Wednesday afternoon than Ravens defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan.

It was the first time the Florida-born-and-raised boy had ever seen snow. He's a Lake City, Fla. native and went to college at Florida State.

After practice, Jernigan ventured out onto the Ravens practice fields for some fun. Outside of the few golden teeth in his mouth, Jernigan's smile was like a kid's on a day off from school.

So what's his take on snow?

"It's different," he said. "It freaked me out this morning. Yesterday, it was warm outside. [Today] woke up, drove my car to practice, can't even drive it home."

It should be noted that there's only an inch or so of snow. I think he'll be fine. Jernigan surprisingly said he likes cold weather more than warm. He'll like Baltimore then.

"I figure when it's cold I can throw a jacket on or something to get warm," he said. "When it's hot, you're kind of stuck."

Once on the snow-covered practice fields, Jernigan went to work building a snowman. He was shocked at how heavy the snow was as he rolled the base. He knew the basics though.

"I need some carrots, buttons, mittens," he said. "All donations are welcome. I figure I'll get me a good [snowman] foundation and I'll finish it up after meetings."

Only problem is …

Playing the role of the mother calling the kid in from the hill, Ravens Senior Director of Public Relations Chad Steele interrupted Jernigan's play time. He called down asking if Jernigan needed to get to a meeting. Jernigan was positive it was at 4 p.m. Turns out, it was actually 3:30 because the schedule was changed around for Thanksgiving.

As he scampered back inside, Jernigan made plans to come back out and make a snow angel. Fun put on hold, but not squashed.

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