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The Caw: Torrey Smith, Joe Flacco Respond To Female Popularity


There are a few head-scratchers with this tweet from Dick's Sporting Goods:

How the heck is Heath Miller the most popular man with ladies in North Dakota and Arkansas? How is Andrew Luck (a Stanford guy), the bee's knees in Oregon, where his college rival resides? Why do Wyoming ranchers like Tom Brady?

Anyway, I'm writing this because Torrey Smith has the most popular jersey among women in Washington, D.C. And remember, there's a different professional football team there (kinda).

I went to Torrey to tell him about this and get his theory for why he's loved by the ladies in the District.

"Maryland alumni probably," he said. "No other theories at all."

But wouldn't he also expect it to be a Redskins player?

"You would think so, but Maryland connections run deep in D.C.," Torrey said. "They love the Terps there."

Torrey spent most of his college days romping around the nation's capital.

"It's weird cause I went to school in College Park and I went to Baltimore maybe once or twice the entire time I was in school. I went to D.C. a billion times," he said.

"It's like I did my college thing down in D.C. and I'm living my grown-up life in Baltimore. I'm obviously loving this more – a lot more than college. Most guys don't say that."

I also took the time to inform quarterback Joe Flacco that he has the most popular jersey amongst Maryland women. This isn't shocking because he also has the most popular man's jersey (he just sells a lot of jerseys). But Flacco was still pretty flattered.

"I love it. Keep it going," he said. "I'd probably rather have women buying my jersey than men."

Why's that? Joe's apparently trying to pad his numbers.

"There probably wouldn't be a stat [if I sold a lot of men's jerseys]," he said. "The fact that there are women out there buying jerseys, it's a stat."

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