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The Caw: Torrey Smith Pumps Up High School Team

Torrey Smith is following in the path of Ray Lewis, taking time to pump up some high school footballers last week.

Smith is a preps football fan, so he tweeted last Friday that it would be a "cool night to catch a high school game."

He was bombarded with tweets from Westminster High School students asking him to come to their first-round Maryland 4A playoff game against Blake (Montgomery County).

So Smith swung by and was introduced to Owls Head Coach Brad Wilson, who asked the wide receiver to give his players a pregame speech.

It doesn't have the same Lewis-like intensity, but was still a really good message. My favorite part was near the end:

"There's nothing like this," Smith said. "You guys will be talking about this game right here years down the road. We talk about high school games now as adults like we're still here. That's how special this is."

It's so true. NFL players still gab about their high school glory days. Terrell Suggs talks about how he used to be a beast of a running back, for example. So those memories definitely last.

Smith stayed for most of the game and left after giving hundreds of high fives along the fence. Undefeated Westminster went on to win, 51-7, and will now play Sherwood in tonight's 4A quarterfinals.

"It was pretty cool," Smith said. "[Westminster's] quarterback and running back were legit! They've got some playmakers."

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