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The Caw: Video: Marylanders Boo Donald Trump After He Asks If They Love Tom Brady


Survey says the best way to lose votes in Maryland is to sing the praises of rival Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

That's what Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump did Wednesday night at a rally in Berlin, Md.

Bravo to Marylanders because they booed him mercilessly.

"We love Tom Brady, right?" Trump said. "He's great. He's great. He's great. How can you not?"

Trump, who reportedly has a double-digit lead in the Maryland polls, had to know he was trolling the pro-Ravens crowd, right? Right?!?! Just having fun? I'm not even sure anymore.

Brady has said Trump is a "good friend," but has since tried to distance himself from the politics. Meanwhile, Trump continues to talk about Brady on the campaign trail.

I'll tell you one thing with 100 percent confidence. If he ever had it to begin with, Trump just lost Terrell Suggs' vote. No word on whether Head Coach John Harbaugh has second thoughts on his support of building a wall on the border.

Trump should probably get back to his bread and butter in Maryland and start calling Joe Flacco "very elite" again.

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