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The Caw: Watch Brandon Williams Squat Eric Weddle, Michael Pierce Squat 725 Pounds


The Ravens' interior defensive line is definitely not lacking strength.

That's pretty darn evident after watching these two videos.

First, a fan captured defensive tackle Brandon Williams squatting safety Eric Weddle on the sideline during Thursday night's 28-7 win over the Cleveland Browns.

Weddle tips the scales at 195 pounds. Something tells me lifting him wasn't the least bit difficult for Williams.

Not to be outdone, however, is undrafted rookie defensive tackle Michael Pierce. During Thursday night's broadcast, the NFL Network crew unearthed Samford college footage of Pierce squatting 725 pounds. That's 3.7 Weddle's, for all you John Urschel mathematicians out there.

The 6-foot-1, 340-pound Williams was a recent guest on “The Lounge” podcast, and said he's the strongest guy on the team. He gave No. 2 to Pierce, who stands in at 6-foot-0, 339 pounds.

"He's a short, stocky little bowling ball," Williams said. "I don't think he could beat me, but he's close."

Williams said he used to be able to shoulder press more than 400 pounds over his head. He wants to enter a strongman competition after his football days are over.

"Why not?" he said. "Just to have fun."

For now, the Dallas Cowboys offensive line and running back Ezekiel Elliott are next on the docket. Good luck running on these two Ravens, gentlemen.

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