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The Caw: What It's Like Having A Super Bowl Ring


I'm writing this story while wearing my Super Bowl XLVII ring.

So you'll have to excuse my typos.

I've gotten the question hundreds of times since the Ravens won the Super Bowl: "Are you getting a ring?!?!?!"

Yes, I am lucky enough to have gotten one Friday night along with all the players, coaches, Ring of Honor members and staff (that's me). Both the ring and the party to celebrate them were extremely generous gifts from Owner Steve Bisciotti.

So what's it like?

It's seriously mind blowing.

Never in a million years – or let's say in the 20 years since I realized I was not going to be a professional athlete – did I think I would own a Super Bowl ring.

I remember when I first started working with the Ravens asking somebody if I would get a ring if we won a Super Bowl during my tenure with the team. I was really joking when I asked. When they said I would, I was shocked.

I'm not the one throwing or catching touchdown passes. I'm not the one delivering huge hits, then spending hours in a freezing cold ice tub to make amends.

But here's the incredible thing about this organization and, thus, about the feeling of owning this ring.

It makes you legitimately feel like you were a part of this team's Super Bowl season.

It's a bond, forged through the ring, that I have to the players, coaches and my fellow staff members.

This ring, emblazoned with my last name on the side, is a symbol that I was part of a very special team. No matter what my role was, I believe it contributed to the team and it's overall mission.

That's something that Bisciotti even went out of his way to highlight during Friday night's ring ceremony.

"For the players, I want you to realize that other than the post-game party that you snuck all your friends into, this is the biggest gathering of Ravens employees and their loved ones," Bisciotti said.

"I want you to realize – not for the first time, because I know you do – how much heart and effort and sacrifice goes into us, myself included, standing on that stage raising a trophy. For all of you, starting with [President] Dick Cass and [Senior Vice President of Public and Community Relations] Kevin Byrne, the unsung heroes of our executive group, how much they sacrificed and their families sacrificed to put you at the pinnacle of success. So hats off to you."

No, hats off to you, Steve. I think I speak for everybody when I say thank you, thank you, thank you.

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