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The Caw: Will Ray Lewis Mentor Arthur Brown?


It used to be a ritual.

Many former high Ravens draft picks – particularly those on defense – would receive text messages from Ray Lewis after being selected, welcoming them to the team. For example, Lewis immediately reached out to top 2011 draft pick .

But now that Lewis is retired, that tradition may have come to an end.

Last Friday, after his first practice, Ravens draft pick Arthur Brown, the player many fans will point to as Lewis' successor, was asked whether he's heard from the great No. 52.

"I haven't," Brown said. "Not at this point."

It begs the question: how much will Lewis mentor young players as fans would surely love to see him do?

Lewis indicated that he would still be around the Ravens program, even in his retirement.

But he told reporters in mid-March that he had not yet returned to the Ravens' Under Armour Performance Center. He's been soaking up pseudo retirement in Florida, and is now employed by ESPN.

How much of an obligation does Lewis have to staying in touch?

Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh said the relationships between Lewis and the Ravens "are not going anywhere." General Manager Ozzie Newsome said Lewis is "still very much a part of this football team" because his legacy will carry throughout the locker room.

Brown has tried to distance himself from the comparisons to Lewis. The very first question he got from Baltimore reporters, minutes after being drafted, was for his thoughts on the comparison.

"I've heard it from person to person, but honestly, it's an honor to be even mentioned in the same sentence with him," Brown said then.

He was asked about Lewis again after his first practice.

"The way I look at it is [there is] no replacing Ray Lewis," Brown said. "He is still a part of this team. He has had a major impact on so many of the guys that are already here. Really, I am just an addition looking to fulfill my role and be an impact player."

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